Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Create Acrylic Stamp Sets from Stampin Up sets!

Yes thats right you can create Stampin Up's wood stamp sets into Acrylic set and it is so easy to do.

I know a few of my customers are not fans of SU's wood stamp sets because they have no room to house there sets. I do understand there feeling. I actually have similar issues and have a box of retired sets because I just do not have the room. Well I did some research and found a tutorial off of prairiepaperandink's blog. I have posted her photos here so you can see the tutorial and how easy it is. Also all NEW stamp sets from SU will be die cut, which means you do not need to cut the sets out of the rubber. One less step to do!

So look how easy this is:
1. You will pop your set out of the "die cut" rubber. If its an older set it will need to be cut first.
2. Once cut out peel the stamp off of the actual "rubber"

3.After pulling off the rubber you will now use EZ Mount at this time. EZ Mount is 2 sided, one side is sticky to mount your stamps on the other side is clingy to adhere to acrylic blocks.
4. You will attach your stamp set to the EZ Mount and then cut the stamp out! Then either save them in your box that comes with the set or save them in a binder the option is yours. Also keep those boxes that your sets come in they are great to hold your glitter and embossing powders.

To order EZ Mount: http://www.blockheadstamps.com/mounting.html

If you purchase $50.00 in SU merchandise from now till September 30th I will include one sheet of EZ Mount with your order (will be shipped seperatly to you)

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